AFL Women’s League Cheat Sheet

Written by Freya Logan co-host of Follow Sports Like a Girl Podcast

This is an exciting time to be a supporter of women’s sport and a supporter of a more diverse AFL. With the announcement of the 8 successful women’s teams announced today here is your “official” cheat sheet for the 2017 upcoming season.

How many teams in the league:

How many AFL teams bid for a license:

The successful teams granted a women’s team licenses:
Adelaide, Brisbane, Carlton, Collingwood, Fremantle, Greater Western Sydney, Melbourne, Western Bulldogs.

What will happen with the 5 that missed out?
Geelong, North Melbourne, Richmond, St Kilda and West Coast who all missed out on an inaugural 2017 license have been granted a “provisional license” with the commitment of entering the expansion of the league as soon as 2018. This is on the proviso of the success of the 2017 teams and the size talent pool.

The 2017 Women’s competition will run for two months from February to March 2017. Finals will be played among the top 4 teams after 6 rounds.

Media Coverage:
Triple M, Seven and Foxtel are just some that have put their hands up to cover the league. At least one match a week could be televised. The rights have not been confirmed.

The drafts and marquee player signings:
There was the inaugural women’s AFL draft in 2013 to pick players for the Western Bulldogs and Melbourne exhibition played that year but the form of the 2017 competition draft is not confirmed.As clubs will be able to also sign two marquee players these have not began however this seems imminent considering Brisbane Lion’s attempt to sign forward Tayla Harris before licenses were granted.

Salary cap:
The salary cap is yet to be announced for the new league. What we do know is that marquee players are to be paid $25,000 for the six week season. Based on other professional women’s sports in Australia we can only estimate it could be between $150,000-$300,000 however here at Like a Girl Podcast we would hope it would be more than that.


Ideas were floated indicating a change to the rules for AFL Women’s League. These rule changes included the introduction of last touch rule, protected zones, shortened quarters and smaller team sizes. This announcement was met with lukewarm reception and nothing has been confirmed by the AFL as of yet.

Don’t forget we post updates as they come to hand on our twitter at @likeagirlpod and keep updated on the league by listening in to our podcast every week which you can find on iTunes and here.

This post is being updated according to new announcements



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