best from the week – may 9

In a new recurring blog post we will be collating the best articles and news in primarily women’s sport + other things we find super interesting.

AFLW Expansion

The AFL has decided not to expand the league until the 2019 series what a provisional license means to those who missed out on the inaugural season seems vague at best.
Buddy, The Champion Of The World

Written by a friend of the podcast Josh Pinn summed up best by this quote:
“there are no standard prerequisites for becoming a champion. Buddy could chuck it in tomorrow and he will have earned the honour. While we’re at it, his worth to the club will not be judged in premierships either. Tony Lockett never led Sydney to a flag and no one could honestly argue that he wasn’t worth recruiting. “

Other AFL tidbits – This reddit post

It truly is the circle of life

Two million dollar prize pool announced for the cricket Women’s World Cup

Along with the announcement that the ICC will be live streaming all matches.

Meet Australia’s first female Indigenous Gridiron gun

This profile on Grace Power who has been selected as the first Indigenous women to make the Australian Gridiron team is a must read. Donate to her Gofundme if you can.

Over in the USA an article that could be ripped from The Onion – Oilers Eliminate Women’s Bathrooms To Improve Experience Of Male Fans

Because the best way to engage 50% of the population is to eradicate essential services at arenas.

Events to get around – Bulldog Pride Launch


We interviewed one of the founders Amy Jenkins about her love of Western Bulldogs and why she decided to start an LGBTIQ+ supporter group in this episode, so listen and make sure you get down to Back Alley Sally’s next week. Like their facebook page while you’re at it.

With AFL Evolution now out, this takes the cake.


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