best from the week – may 23

State of Origin is back in a week and we are SO EXCITED as casual fans of League it is truly Rugby League Christmas. Team announcements have been made with Thurston being named the 18th man for QLD in his last state representative year.

NSW – this list is quite detailed and goes through the players for those catching up

QLD – The Maroons are looking to change a few things up with Slater being sidelined

While we are at it don’t forget to pick up these great merch finds before next Wednesday, whoever said sport has got too commercial is WRONG.

An except from the board shorts description “A visually engaging design with a vast range of Queensland-related snapshots in the photo-fill collage graphic, something sure to remind any Blue’s fan who the best State of Origin team is on and off the pitch.”

Meanwhile, below the Barrassi line…

First ever woman field umpire in AFL officiated her first match. Read this heartwarming account of the encouragement she got on field. This photo by Wayne Ludbey sums it up.

Ludbey has recently been made redundant by the Herald Sun so take a look at these articles looking at his best and his worst. His photos will be missed by all in the AFL community and we hope that another media outlet picks him up.

If you love stats and graphs this is for you. It goes through each club’s chances of making finals, North and Collingwood not looking…great.

Finally this look at how AFLW has influenced older women to join grassroots competitions around Melbourne. Heartwarming and inspiring to say the very least.


If you read anything make it this “Out On Instagram: Are Elite Sportswomen Changing What Coming Out Looks Like?” by the incredible Danielle Warby (if you don’t follow her on twitter you should). The Lifted Brow has an brilliant online series of writing on women in sport which you should also read.
A Lithuanian basketball coach slammed down a journo questioning the absence of their star during the semi-finals because he was at the birth of this child.

Meme of the week

afl simpsons

Finally we had so much fun at the Bulldog Pride Launch Party. You can check out the photos from the night here.


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