best of the week -10th july

Hi all!! Here’s what we’re loving and hating this week in sport.

ORIGIN IS BACK!!!! TOMORROW!!!! (or today depending on when you’re reading this). QUEENSLANDER!!!!

Super stoked about Game 3, it’s going to be amazing. The Queensland list looks a bit sad without Thurston so watch this vid to relive some of his greatest moments.


Thurston (pictured) inventing the concept of formal education

We’re super interested in this long read about women’s sport and concussion research. It’s worth the read and asks the questions we ask over and over again in regards to female athletes

Read it here

This thread on twitter has given us a lot to think about….

click through to read all the tweets. It’s a story we’ve heard time and time again with female athletes and Sam is spot on!

Want something to do during the winter in Melbourne? Your men’s AFL team not doing as well as you’d hope (relatable) Here’s a list of places you can watch WOMEN play footy this winter

AND lastly, our new favourite sport ever


This show is cooked in the best way and we love it.

Watch this video to make you feel super unfit.

Don’t forget to download our latest episode here and give us a review!!




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